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About us

Created on the initiative of Antoine de Galbert, a private art collector and active figure on the French art scene, la maison rouge is a registered foundation. La maison rouge is definitively closed. The Fondation Antoine de Galbert, which was granted charitable status under French law by decree on January 31, 2003, continues to support the arts through new endeavour.

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Its vocation is to promote the different facets of contemporary creation through temporary exhibitions. Over 1300 square metres of exhibition space are given over to artists and their work. La maison rouge gives independent curators full authority to explore the diversity of contemporary artistic experimentation and expression, often by way of major international private collections.

Through each of the experiences of art that it incites and initiates, the foundation aims to encourage multiple attitudes, practices and approaches to contemporary creation.

Antoine de Galbert

Born in 1955 and a graduate in political science, Antoine de Galbert worked in corporate management before opening a contemporary art gallery in Grenoble for some ten years. Concurrently, he purchased the first works in a collection that was to take on growing importance in his life. In 2003, he chose to create a foundation as a means of both anchoring his commitment to contemporary creation.

A registered foundation

The Foundation Antoine de Galbert is a registered foundation and "reconnue d’utilité publique" (acknowledged to be of public utility). It is a corporate body under private law, created following the permanent endowment of property for the maintenance of a public not-for-profit scheme.


La maison rouge programmes three to six exhibitions a year in regular cycles from February to May, June to September and October to January.

Solo shows alternate with thematic shows alongside regular exhibitions of major international collections.

Juxtaposing the house and visible from the café terrace, the patio gives for young artists the possibility to present their work. Surrounded by glass walls but open to the sky, it questions how we relate to space, interior and exterior, and how we perceive time.

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The vestibule

Always attentive and open to creations by young artists, Antoine de Galbert created this free-access space in 2006, showing new exhibitions every four to six weeks.


For each of the collections it shows, la maison rouge publishes a series of books, entitled privées, in co-production with the publisher, Fage editions

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Coinciding with each exhibition cycle, la maison rouge organises talks, symposiums, meetings with artists or curators, concerts and films to give a deeper or different understanding of the works. Children have a story-telling afternoon one Wednesday a month and there are guided visits for individuals every weekend at 4pm.

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Les amis

A non-profit organisation, les amis de la maison rouge is closely involved with Antoine de Galbert’s project, which it supports. It contributes to reflection and debates on the theme of the private collection. It organises activities to coincide with the exhibitions and the collections.