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Pippo Delbono, "My mother and others"
from September, 5th
to September, 21st 2014
From an original idea by Pippo Delbono and Richard Laillier

Better known for his theatre and cinema work, Pippo Delbono is to appear for the first time at a contemporary arts centre in Paris with a new form of production: an exhibition-performance that combines sound, video and the visitor’s own experience.

Pippo Delbono habitually manipulates voice, words, movement, light, music and images on both stage and screen. This time he has used these familiar tools to shape someething new. A new, permeable format. A world we no longer observe but enter. A drifting through the entrails of Pippo Delbono.
A labyrinth in which the Minotaur seems to have scattered parts of itself. A Minotaur that seems to be holding out the thread that will lead us to it. A Minotaur in the guise of Saint Sebastian, whose every arrow seems to be a signpost on the path of its life, and every stigmata the fruit of its dramas, encounters, violence, and tenderness, everything that has ever left a mark on its skin.
Pippo Delbono has built this exhibition around a dramatic idea that is both completely obscure and crystal clear, compelling visitors to follow its very precise times and rhythms. Accompanied by a silent guide, and guided by the voice of Pippo Delbono, visitors make their way through a refectory, a dark room, a hallway, and a white maze. Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, like the seamarks of life.
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