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Pilar Albarracin, "Mortal cadencia"
from February, 22 to May, 18 2008
Her Andalusian cultural heritage and status as a woman in Spanish society are central to the work of Pilar Albarracín (born in Seville in 1968, lives and works in Madrid).
Each of the ways womanhood is traditionally represented is subjected to her amused and scathing gaze, as in Prohibido el Cante (No Singing, 2000) for which she is photographed in a bar, surrounded by archetypal Andalusian objects (photos of bullfights, legs of ham, a majestic bull’s head), wearing a flamenco dancer’s dress, gagged and tied to a chair.
Pilar Albarracín works with photography, sculpture, drawing and installation although performance remains her preferred medium. She plays the part of gypsy, peasant girl, prostitute, emigrant or housewife, producing a work which can, as Rosa Martínez writes, be interpreted as "a metaphor for insubordination."

with the support of SEACEX (the Spanish State Corporation for Overseas Cultural Action)