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Nicolas Darrot, "Règne Analogue"
From July 8th
to September 18th 2016
Throughout summer 2016, la maison rouge gives carte blanche to the French artist Nicolas Darrot (b. 1972 in Le Havre).

The artist and la maison rouge already have longstanding connections: in 2006 Nicolas Darrot was invited to create a work for the patio of la maison rouge, while Antoine de Galbert has collected his work for more than 18 years. Fascinated by the relation between living beings and machines, Nicolas Darrot is both sorcerer and artist. He transforms insects into chimaeras, gives hunting trophies the power of speech, and invents automata that come to life in the observer's presence. The world he creates appeals to the imagination brought into play by tales and legends, and equally to the no less prolific imaginings sparked by technology and scientific progress.

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