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Marie Maillard, "Wall 0208"
from February, 22 to May, 18 2008
Installation proposed and produced by "les amis de la maison rouge". For her project in the patio at la maison rouge, Marie Maillard revisits the venue’s past incarnation as a factory built around a red house. A transitional space, visible before entering the exhibition rooms, this inner courtyard lets in the daylight while its red brick recalls the building’s former function. Marie Maillard has reproduced it, on a smaller scale, in a work that she places in the centre of the patio. This doubling-up, added to the inversion of materials (glass and brick), causes viewers to lose their bearings. The enclosed space is fragmented, opening up to a multitude of dimensions. Wall 0208 thus breaks down the strict separation between real and virtual, concrete and imaginary. Despite its small size, it forms a maze which the viewer can mentally trace, like a projection area, both intimate and inaccessible, secret and familiar.