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Florian Pugnaire et David Raffini, "Le coefficient de Poisson"
From February 13th to May 11th, 2014
Each winter, the group of Friends of la maison rouge produces a work for the Foundation's patio. The duo of Florian Pugnaire and David Raffini take the act of sculpture, or painting, to its highest point of tension, never afraid to physically mistreat their media in multiple video works and installations.

Their collaboration is marked by the problematic of sculpture as “work event” and a penchant for the future of industrials objects. Bearing at its peak gesture and sculptural tension, or pictural, Pugnaire and Raffini do not hesitate to abuse paints and materials across multiple videos. Cars and backhoes are also elements which attract their attention, particularly their production process and creation.
They cultivate an in-between where the purpose of the work is not always defined and where the work-shop is of particular importance. An adventurous place where anything can be invented or modified. In 2008 and 2009, they include distinguished at Fesnoy – national Studio of Contemporary art, in Mod-ules of the Palais de Tokyo, at the Ricard Foundation and at the gallery La Marine at Nice. In 2010 and 2011, the exhibition Dynasty MAMVP, reveals to the public, while the movie Casse pipe, successively present at Gebauer gallery of Berlin ( Paris-Berlin 2011), and in the official selection of the Cannes Festival 2011 (out of competition).
Poisson's ratio
This coefficient has been demonstrated analytically by Denis Poisson, French mathematician (1781-1840). It allows characterizing the contraction of the material perpendicular to the direction of the force applied.
Exhibited artists
Florian Pugnaire
David Raffini