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vincent mauger
From February 15th to May 19th, 2013
Each winter, les amis de la maison rouge produces a work specifically for the foundation's patio. This year, members have chosen Vincent Mauger to interpret the theme of Under Influences.
Vincent Mauger's art starts from careful observation of the intended location of the work, to identify the advantages and fragilities of the pace and its metamorphosis. Using computer modelling and recurrent materials - wood, brick, polystyrene, PVC – his work should be viewed on micro to macro levels. Digital technologies common to the architect and the engineer combine with materials used by construction workers or DIY enthusiasts to confound a space and produce an environment which, like virtual images, extend into an infinite landscape.
The topography of the space becomes extraordinary, using ordinary means. The space is revealed, entered as though embarking on a journey, senses alert, via emptiness, fullness and differences of scale.