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stefan thanneur
from November, 23 to December,18 2011
Traces, scars from an afterlife or the innermost depths. Vestiges of the soul. Testimony of a meeting. Intense, profound. From a slow ritualized trance. Addictive. Organic landscape, as mental as it is physical. Harnessings from introspection, from the torments of ambivalence. Reason for being. Fear and fascination for the vacuum. Abstract or symbolic, the work of Stefan Thanneur evokes man. Stefan Thanneur was born in 1970. He lives and works in Paris. He breaks down the creative process of his drawings in two phases. First, he develops a research of values, shades and compositions through photomontage. Afterwards, he projects the sketch underneath paper, where he then applies ink into infinite details, punctuated by the repetition of tiny dots – in a way allowing his unconscious to become the master architect. Inspired by certain pieces, Stefan often gives them second life in collages or photomontage, where shapes, frames, and mass confront, overlap and/or interlace. The end result can be applied to ten times the original size, thus playing with the connection between end work and viewer, emphasizing physical sensation/immersion in the visual. Involved since a teenager in the underground movements of extreme music, Stefan is also inspired by the aesthetic codes and communication tools specific to these subcultures represented through the creation of oversized logos. This language, by its multifaceted meaning and its intriguing form, invites the viewer to question himself about his own perception and feelings. For the first exhibition of this artist, Arthur Toqué presents a selection of recent works at Le Vestibule, La Maison Rouge in Paris from November 23 to December 18, 2011.