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Peter Buggenhout, "It’s a strange, strange world, sally"
from June, 12 June to September, 26 2010
After the first showing in Paris of a work by Peter Buggenhout (b. 1963 in Belgium) for the Mutatis Mutandis exhibition in 2007, la maison rouge now presents the artist’s first solo show in France. Peter Buggenhout transforms discarded material, reclaimed objects and organic residues into sculptures. Both repelling and compelling, these autonomous, solitary, indefinable shapes are as much miniature universes as they are parts of a fantasy macrocosm. They are the "archaeological finds of the future." An important group of works gives insight into the artist’s singular world. Amorphous and escaping classification, three categories of sculpture are represented: those covered in dust (The Blind Leading the Blind) with four large works, an astonishing in situ installation of dust in a 120 sq m/ 1,300 sq ft room, and works impregnated with animal blood (Gorgo) or made from entrails.
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