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Pavillon Seroussi, "Architectures de collectionneur"
from June, 1st to September, 9 2007
Since its creation, la maison rouge has reflected on questions and issues surrounding the private collection. A collector herself, Natalie Seroussi has commissioned six agencies to submit projects for a structure in which to house her collection of contemporary art. These six projects are being shown at la maison rouge.
When built, this pavilion will add to a remarkable architectural group by André Bloc (1895-1966), architect, sculptor, painter and founder of the review L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui: a vast residence-studio (built in 1949/50) in which he lived, and the two enigmatic sculptures-habitacles (1964 and 1966) that crystallise his ideas on the "free form" synthesis of architecture and sculpture.
This reference to André Bloc and the experimental architecture of which he was both the defender and symbol guided the choice of agencies.
Elias Guenoun
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