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Mounir Fatmi, "J’aime l’amérique - hommage à Jacques Derrida"
from February, 18 to May, 13 2007
Installation proposed and produced by les amis de la maison rouge By looking back on the history of art, from Jasper Johns to Joseph Beuys, from Pop Art to Arte Povera, from art itself to politics, mounir fatmi transforms the Star-Spangled Banner into an enormous, insurmountable obstacle. He places the viewer in front of a wall, like the one which is planned to separate the US from Mexico, making history fuse with the present. J’aime l’Amérique ("I like America") is a construction-deconstruction of the American flag in the manner of the philosopher Jacques Derrida. It is also an unequivocal response to the national security policies and accusations of rich countries faced with the flood of immigrants who dream of crossing their borders and overcoming obstacles, and are often willing to risk their lives in doing so. with the kind support of FABA
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