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Lionel Sabatté
from February 23rd to May 20th 2018
Once a year, an artist is elected by the «friends of la maison rouge» to produce a work that will go on show in the foundation’s patio. In 2017, these «amis de la maison rouge» chose Lionel Sabatté, a French plastic artist.

Are they immortal, the dwellings we construct, the places we inhabit with our existences? Let us imagine instead a realm of possibility, a stance against ingrained habits and the sentiment that what is will always be. Everything must be transformed; how else might it maintain its potential for action and create its legend, all the while suggesting the desire for renewal. By his every gesture, Lionel Sabatté gives form to this philosophy centred on life and vitality. Is it not contained in everything he has ever produced? And at the time of writing, his Demeure [dwelling] has yet to come into existence. It will take shape only after he has erected it, there in the Patio of la Maison Rouge, from cement and iron bars several metres high, drawing out the detail of its botanical, geological, archaeological, anthropomorphic anatomy.