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Le(s) vestibule(s)
from June, 14th
to August, 24th 2014
Prompted by the desire to remain involved with and aware of young creation, Antoine de Galbert imagined the vestibule in 2006.
For the tenth anniversary of la maison rouge, each member of the team presents the work of an artist in this space.

Leïto de Courson de la Villeneuve Presented by Arthur Toqué, curator of the Antoine de Galbert collection
Hernan Soriano Presented by Ariane de Courcel, president of les amis de la maison rouge
Ann Grim Presented by Aude Quinchon, in charge of activities by les amis de la maison rouge and la maison rouge cloud
Julie Said Presented by Claire Schillinger, head of communication
Natalia Taravkova Presented by Paula Aisemberg, managing director
Pierre Kurz Presented by Stéphanie Dias, executive assistant
André Fortino Presented by Stéphanie Molinard, head of visitor relations and cultural programmes
Céline Vaché-Olivieri Presented by Noëlig Le Roux, head of exhibitions
Pauline Toyer Presented by Guillaume Ettlinger and Natura Ruiz, reception
Romain Laveille Presented by Laurent Guy, registrar