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Isabelle Roy, "La Chambre des fantasmes"
from October, 18th 2014
to January, 18th 2015
La Chambre des Fantasmes is the second leg of La Chambre, an ambitious, four-part project led by Isabelle Roy and her team. The first "chamber", La Matrice, was presented at the Singer-Polignac Museum, in the grounds of Sainte-Anne hospital in Paris, in January 2013 and will be shown again, at the same location, in February 2015. The third and fourth chambers will be La Chambre des Rêves and La Chambre de l’Intime.

The work of Isabelle Roy questions the individual as perceived by others and as they imagine themselves. This project reveals a personal world with exceptionally striking visual and formal qualities. It appears to the spectator as a vision, a dream, a passageway to an extraordinary otherworld of which the artist is the principal protagonist. In producing her work, Isabelle Roy calls on multimedia, sculpture and performance, as well as taxidermy, sewing and marquetry; a mammoth task already several years in the making.

The spectator enters this immaculate, mirror-encrusted world not physically but through peepholes at each end of a "secrets box."
Centre Hospitalier de Sainte-Anne and Centre d’Etude de l’Expression support this long-term project by providing space for its implementation. The Canton of Jura in Switzerland is the main financial sponsor of La Chambre.

Production of the project is managed by two non-profit organisations: La Fabrique des Univers in France and Ici et Là in Switzerland.