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Felice Varini, "Quatorze triangles"
from June, 1st to September, 9 2007
Echoing The Seroussi Pavilion, architecture for a collector, la maison rouge has invited Felice Varini to occupy one of its rooms. As a pendant to the architectural projects for a structure to house contemporary art, Felice Varini has imagined a pictorial project for one of la maison rouge’s exhibition rooms. His work will reveal this room as a space. Felice Varini begins each of his projects with an analysis of the setting (its architecture, materials, history, function) that will serve as a support for his painting. Building on this information, he then defines a vantage point around which his work takes shape. This vantage point operates as the point from which the work is read, and as a starting point from which to approach the painting and the space. The painted form is an anamorphosis which only becomes coherent when viewed from this point. From any other point, the work encounters the space which generates an infinite number of points from which the form can be viewed. The work is the sum of these points. "I start from an actual situation to construct my painting. Reality is never altered, erased or modified, it interests and seduces me in all its complexity. I work ’here and now’". Felice Varini