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Dieter Appelt, "Cinema Prisma"
from November, 4 2005 to January,15 2006
The internationally renowned artist Dieter Appelt has been building up a personal and demanding work for more than 30 years in photography but also in film, sculpture, drawings or music. His name is often associated to images of actions in which he directs himself like Images of life and death or Liberation of the fingers, but Dieter Appelt is mostly famous for his photographs. Françoise Paviot has designed for his exhibition in la maison rouge a course, in which all the media used by the artist are gathered. His films will be shown once on an evening at the Centre Georges Pompidou and regularly in the conference room of la maison rouge. Some of them leave for the first time the personal archives of Dieter Appelt and have been worked on again especially for this event.
Françoise Paviot
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