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Daniela Franco, "Face B"
from February, 19 to May, 16 2010
From February 19th to May 16th 2010, la maison rouge presents Vinyl, an exhibition of records and covers compiled by the collector, publisher and curator Guy Schraenen.

Parallel to this exhibition, Face B, a project by Daniela Franco, will include collaborations by different members of the cultural community (artists, writers, musicians, music labels, filmmakers...) with a special interest in music and its visual language. They will participate sharing their own record collections through screenings, D.J. sessions, graphic material and a website. Daniela Franco has asked each of them to prepare a list of records based on a series of specific instructions. Throughout the exhibition Vinyl, these playlists, in their visual and musical form, will be available on the website of la maison rouge and shown on multiple screens.

Every Thursday from 7:30 PM to 10 PM, D.J sessions will be held at the café at la maison rouge. Surrounded by the exhibition Vinyl, artists, journalists, record collectors, etc. will be invited to deejay from their own collections. To complete this project, every month a limited edition triptych showing work from artists who use record covers as a platform for their work, will be available.

Daniela Franco was born in Mexico, she lives in Paris. She obtained a Fulbright Scholarship for an MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1996. Her work has been awarded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Fundación/Colección Jumex amongst others. A main characteristic of her work is the collaboration with other disciplines (literature, music...). For several years she work on video, mainly on editing. Her videos use images and sounds from a poetical construction stand, for their form, euphony and rhythm, regardless of their meaning. Daniela Franco’s most recent work is based, formally, in the orchestration of projects in collaboration with writers, musicians, architects, etc. And conceptually, in the creation of fictions through coincidences and the slight alteration of daily life.