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Boris Chouvellon, "Modern Express"
From July 8th
to September 18th 2016
Once a year, the Amis de la Maison Rouge produce a specific work for the patio made by an artist that they elect in the course of the previous year.
In 2015, the members of the association chose Boris Chouvellon, French visual artist.

“The work, designed and thought up specifically for the patio of the Fondation Antoine de Galbert, plays on the architecture in its whole and the context that it composes, the ground and its geology, the walls, the plate glass windows, and above all the patch of sky - visible when one raises one’s head and looks up in the air, like a dreamer… Hooked to a bracket, Modern Express is a mobile that occupies the whole space in a poetic way. Horizontally, from the bottom up, held up by chains, concrete beams succeed one another. Excavator buckets – diverted from their habitual use and made of different materials – are attached to their extremities. This sculpture, both massive and fragile, reinvents a construction system with force; it touches on reoccurring themes present in my work, our post-industrial and post-modernist era, entropy and future ruin.”

Boris Chouvellon
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