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Baptiste Debombourg, "Champ d'accélération"
From October 17th 2015
to January 24th 2016
Champ d'accélération, 2015

Once a year, les amis de la maison rouge chooses and produces a work for the foundation’s patio. In 2015, its members have selected French sculptor and installation artist Baptiste Debombourg.

The work of Baptiste Debombourg. takes root in chaos, though the artist is concerned less with the violence that engenders chaos and more with «what happens next». Using a plurality of gestures, his art melds the extravagant and the bespoke, the ephemeral and the permanent, the trivial and the sublime. The accidental is a central element of his research. The main premise of his work is to deconstruct ordinary materials and rebuild these elements into compelling new objects and environments: from destruction to creation. His monumental laminated glass piece for la maison rouge’s patio is both an artistic and an architectural exploit, being the largest glass installation ever produced to date.