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anthony mccall
1 October - 3 October 2004
As part of the Nuit Blanche program in Paris and in conjunction with the Festival d’Automne in Paris, la maison rouge and the Centre Pompidou - musée nationale d’art moderne propose jointly 3 evenings, 3 programmes of light films and installations by Anthony McCall. In the 1970s the New York-based British filmmaker Anthony McCall made a series of "solid light" films by drawing simple geometric shapes directly onto the film using a ballpoint pen, a compass and some white gouache. This film is intended to be shown not in a cinema but in a gallery, with no seats, projection room, gradient or screen. A fog is introduced into the projection space so that viewers see not a two-dimensional circle being formed on the wall that intersects the shaft of light from the projector but rather the gradual formation of a cone of light that forms a light sculpture inside the gallery; the audience is invited to move through and around this sculpture.